The Cummings Karate Dojo is an affiliate of the Centre for Martial Arts & Human Development (CMAHD), which is an incorporated association which aims to deliver a holisitic approach to human development through the training of martial arts and supplementary training.

The CMAHD Inc has partnered with Coach Catriona Bruce from All Out Fitness ( to provide functional fitness workouts for not only members of our dojo, but parents, friends, and family. Classes are very affordable, with the fee for current dojo members (or family relations of) only $39 each - with two free trial classes. Classes are held on Sunday mornings at 9:00am.

The lessons are tailored for the participants level, and all ages and fitness levels are very welcome. Classes will include a variety of exercises that can be customised for you and the focus is on community-based fitness, where you'll join because it's fun and stay because it works.
Coach Cat Bruce
Coach Cat from All Out Fitness is the regular Saturday morning functional fitness instructor. Cat has a Certificate III & IV in Fitness, holds a First Aid certificate, and is certified by Fitness Australia as a Level 1 Exercise Professional (Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor) and holds relevant insurances.

Cat personally enjoys powerlifting, strong(wo)man and anaerobic conditioning and has also practised taekwondo. Her aim is to work primarily with small groups or individuals and improve their functional fitness by working towards customised and individualised goals. Her programs also focus on supporting working parents and those with challenging life situations by approaching them with a 'can-do' attitude.

She also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Biology and is a Fitness Instructor at Glebe Park Fitness in Canberra.

You can enquire about functional fitness classes by contacting All Out Fitness through their Facebook page at or by calling Coach Cat on 0409 807 579